Taja Kosir Popovic

Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Raised by a creative family. 

Eleven years of ballet school.

Went to a Waldorf school.

Studied photography and film at School of Arts in Gorizia, Italy.

Love: swimming in the ocean, sailing, meeting new people with interesting life stories, visiting museums for modern art, seating on a cliff and observing Humpback whales, eating avocado toast with egg and coriander for breakfast, watching great movies on a big screen, listening live acustic music, making homemade pasta, doing road trips and getting lost, ...

Grateful to spend every day doing what I love most.

Telling stories of beautiful moments in life through photos and video.



Apple Slovenia, Toyota Slovenia, National Geographic Slovenia, EQUA, Goat Story, Nicha Communication Agency, Delo, Story Magazine, Outsider, NEW EDGE Magazine, Cosmopolitan Slovenia, Month of Design Ljubljana, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Italian Slovenian Forum, Haze Models Management, Immortal Models Management, Pentlja Concept Store, Mokrin House, Illy, GEC Milano, ABC accelerator, Vitalis, Giacomelli Media, Circular Change, Pianoroom, Boston Consulting Group, Primate, Just A Corpse...

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